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A common language for smart appliances

During the 2017 EU Sustainable Energy Week, EEBus and Energy@home, together with some leading European manufacturers of home appliances, have shown appliances that not only “speak” the same language but communicate with the…

A common European standard for the smart home

The Energy@home and EEBus associations presented at the Utility Week Exhibition in Barcelona a new standard that, at the European level, will allow to manage the energy demand in the smart home. Integrated…

Energy@home sponsor and promoter of the workshop I-CiTies 2015

On October 29th-30th, I-CiTies 2015 will take place in Palermo. The workshop is organized by CINI’s National Laboratory on the Smart Cities in collaboration with the association Energy@home.

High-tech bracelet to control home devices

The Hiris project consists of a wearable device, built as a bracelet or a watch. This device, connected to the home network, can remotely control objects, which are also connected to the network….

Energy@home together with EEBus and Agora

“One Europe, One language, one smart home”: this is the leitmotiv of Energy@home, EEBus and Agora-Smart Sweet Home that have recently participated together in the international fair EU Utility week (Amsterdam, 4-6 November…

In Turin, the competition Smart Home Hackathon

Energy@home, non-profit association of enterprises, and I3P, innovative enterprises incubator of the Polytechnic of Turin, launched the first Smart Home Hackathon, a competition between start-ups and young innovators on the connected home, which…


Power to intelligence

App for remote controls, smart meters and appliances that work in net optimizing consumes and costs. Electrical companies and operators are committed to trace (and to construct) new prospects of production and use…

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