Miele Professional: new washing machines and tailored services


Miele Professional will present its new washing machines for contract cleaners at CMS 2017 in Berlin. These are part and parcel of Miele’s systematic approach of offering tailored services. “The new washing machines sporting the familiar Mopstar sub-logo are now available as part of a much broader range with load capacities from 6.5 kg to 20 kg – explains the company -. Depending on the model, the new machines accommodate up to 105 cotton or 160 microfibre mops (40 cm square) or more than 500 cleaning cloths which are washed and, in the same cycle, impregnated with detergent and disinfectant for surface cleaning (depending on the material and manufacturer). Six practical direct-access pushbuttons are available to launch 12 special-purpose programmes, including ones to reprocess mops, cleaning cloths and floor-cleaning pads. After reconditioning with detergent and/or disinfectant, textiles are once again ready for immediate use. There is no further need to prepare buckets of cleaning and disinfection solution. The new, patented honeycomb drum 2.0 on the two larger models goes a long way towards ensuring economical energy consumption. Its modified shower ribs repeatedly transport around 30 l of water in the sump to the top of the drum. The new arrangement of perforations in the shower ribs makes for particularly thorough wetting and drenching of loads by allowing up to 500 l of water in total to shower down onto the load. Additional long holes at the base of the ribs ensure the fast and improved removal of coarser debris. Machines catering for mops and cleaning cloths have been available from Miele Professional for several years. The model range comprises washing machines and tumble dryers with load capacities from 6.5 kg to 32 kg. These also include barrier machines for installation in walls segregating the infeed and outfeed sides of the laundry process which can also be used to wash contract cleaning textiles – for example in nursing homes and hospitals. In this context, the freedom of mops and cleaning cloths from bacteria in compliance with pertinent regulations is of utmost importance. Any uncertainty regarding the efficacy of wash processes in combination with the disinfectants used is resolved by the ProHygiene test method. This service is part and parcel of regular, contractual washing machine maintenance by Miele Professional. Presuming a successful outcome, customers are presented with a test certificate as proof of proper disinfection. The latest laundry technology is available to contract cleaners on favourable terms through Miele financing. Alongside purchasing, customers have a choice of rental and leasing contracts. Rental contracts can be terminated prematurely during the minimum contract term and cover all repair costs as well as potential damage caused by vandalism”.


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