Household appliances in Great Britain


The global value of the market in 2016 amounts to 8.7 billion Euros: a 1.5% growth compared to 2015.


With 65.4 million inhabitants, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland ranks third – by population – in the EU, after Germany and France. We have said in the EU because until now the great nation beyond the Channel is still part of the European Community in juridical and economic terms: the negotiations in course for the Brexit will lead to the separation but this does not affect the past.

In 2017, the per capita income amounted to around 43,000 US Dollars; a relevant value that positions the Albion nation half way between 49,000 of Germany and 37,000 of Italy. Despite this, a relevant part of the population, i.e. 15%, still remains under the poverty threshold.

A well-off Country then, wealthy but not precisely very rich, with a consequent market of consumer goods in general, and of household appliances in particular, well-developed and very articulated.


White goods

The data reported in the table come from press news concerning sales while those regarding the presence rate in houses are supplied by AMDEA. The global market value amounts to 8.7 billion Euros in 2016, with the 1.5% growth compared to 2015. Import satisfies around 80% of it and comes from China, Germany and Italy. Leaders of the market are three big groups: the Chinese Haier, the American Whirlpool and the Swedish Electrolux.

Characteristic of the market

It is a wealthy market, therefore we can notice a strong diffusion of appliances not deemed essential like the microwave oven and the vacuum cleaner. There is also a strong diffusion of appliances such as freezer and dishwasher. Concerning the latter, they are overcoming the prejudices of the past. The small household appliances register instead a strong presence of the electric blanket, appliance typically diffused in the Country. The electric coffeepot is gradually spreading: it reached 64% against 60% in 2011. The espresso type is only 1/3, while the old appliance, with filter, constitutes the two thirds.

Brown goods

The global value of the market is worth 8 billion Euros. Sales scored the 8% recovery compared to 2015: sales reached in fact 8 million units thanks to Olympic Games. They sold DVD players and DVR players amounting to about 7 million units. The diffusion situation of other appliances is essentially unchanged compared to the previous year.

Characteristic of the market

Worth highlighting the strong presence of digital TV, with 96%.

Future prospects

The British market is rich and essentially stable but obviously almost saturated. The approximate 2% growth of white goods is expected for 2017 whereas for brown goods, being a settlement year after the Olympic Games, a downturn included between 3% and 5% is foreseen. 2018 will bring the hoped recovery thanks to Football Championships. In all that, we canNOT take into account the effects produced by the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU, yet.



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