Siemens’s hyperFresh systems


To maintain for longer the freshness of food and ensure its preservation in optimal conditions, Siemens has created a new range of no-frost refrigerators (70 cm width) with hyperFresh technology. These products are characterized by iSensoric, a sensor system that maintains the temperature and humidity constant in the refrigerator. In particular, the freshSense control system automatically adjusts the refrigerator temperature to maintain it stable whenever the internal or external temperature have a variation. In addition, these appliances allow to have the correct level of freshness for the different foods thanks to the hyperFresh drawers, available depending on the models: hyperFresh, hyperFresh 0°C, hyperFresh plus, hyperFresh plus 0°C, hyperFresh premium 0°C. Fruits, vegetables, meat and fish have the right spaces and the correct temperature and humidity. In particular, hyperFresh premium 0°C includes two drawers: the top drawer for fruit and vegetables is equipped with a knob to adjust the humidity, while in the lower drawer for meat and fish it’s possible to adjust the temperature through a display (from -1 to 3°C). The food in the two drawers stay fresh up to three times longer.


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