Miele launches Scout RX2


Miele will launch at IFA its innovative Scout RX2 robot vacuum cleaner. “This model leaves nothing to be desired – said Matthias Sander, chief floor care product manager at the Miele Group -. The most significant proof of this is a threefold increase in dust pickup compared with the previous model. A battery charge still last up to two hours”. The improved suction performance on all types of flooring is the result of a newly developed 4-stage cleaning system, referred to by Miele as “Quattro Cleaning Power”: in the first stage, rotating brushes sweep dirt underneath the unit. The side brushes are fitted to articulated arms so as to reliably reach into corners. These arms are retracted as soon as an obstacle is encountered. Next, a beater bar brushes above all coarse debris into the wide suction aperture at the front before a strong stream of air sucks in any remaining fine dust through a second and narrower opening. The fourth stage comprises a brushless motor which is characterised by high suction power, top-class energy efficiency and excellent durability. Miele has also improved the navigation on its robovacs. Scout RX2 now finds its way around the room thanks to 3D Smart Navigation, a further development based on the Smart Navigation of its predecessor. The core element consists of two front cameras which produce images in stereo allowing space and objects to be seen in 3D. This facilitates the recognition of obstacles and an improved calculation of distances as well as more precisely recording and correcting deviations from its course. Seven infra-red sensors at the front of the unit protect against collisions with furniture and other objects. Three further infra-red sensors below the unit detect for example staircase steps, preventing the unit from tumbling down a flight of stairs. A so-called gyro sensor which measures rotations in collaboration with other sensors enables reliable navigation even in pitch-black darkness. And while the Scout RX2 is navigating its way around the home, it is saving the coordinates of the areas already cleaned to a map, which can be saved by the user. During its next tour of cleaning duty, the robovac calls up this map and is able to determine its own position relative to the data it contains. As a result, the machine knows exactly where it is within a room and which areas of the floor still need to be cleaned. Besides, Scout RX2 is web-enabled and can be controlled using an app, available free-of-charge for the iOS and Android operating systems. Using the app, the machine can be started from anywhere, its current status called up and its timer programmed. In map mode, for instance, cleaning progress can be tracked. The high-end Scout RX2 Home Vision model offers an additional function: the robovac camera image is relayed live to a tablet or smartphone. This not only allows its owner to track where it is currently performing its duties; it also allows a remote view of the home to check if everything is ok at any time. All data is reliably protected as images are encrypted before they are sent and only decrypted on arrival (end-to-end encryption).


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