Technology for body care


The research of technological solutions for the skin and hair care gives birth to sensors for precise and frequent temperature controls, the use of active ions and of unusual materials like ceramic and titanium. Comfort-oriented innovations are not missing, with increasingly small and silent motors and ergonomic lines.

User friendly but hiding a complex technology, smart and intuitive but based on a research that may last for years, functional and ergonomic because daily body care activities can take place easily.

The small appliances for the personal wellbeing are concentrates of cutting-edge technology, sophisticated devices and high-quality accessories. The small sizes, the need of creating a sort of empathy with the user but especially reliability are characteristics that boost the development of miniaturized perfect systems, granting a long service life in time even after several uses. There are common characteristics and absolutely indispensable performance today: from user friendliness to lightness, from handiness to the speed with which we obtain almost professional results.

Electrical brush Straight Brush by Remington.

Hot air in the head

Hairdryers can be heavy, inefficient and noisy, three conditions that do not allow an ideal operation and affect the final result. These three parameters are often the focus of producers’ research, aimed at lightening the household appliance as much as possible, thanks to smaller and smaller motors, sleek lines and small sizes. All that without giving up performances, drying speed, the possibility of customizing the air jet according to one’s own styling requirements.

Technical solutions and use of new technologies, redefinition of the air circulation process and use of high-quality materials are the conditions to make hair dryers silent and less invasive in everyday acoustic comfort, too.

Dyson engineers have worked hard to develop the SupersonicTM hairdryer, the small appliance with which the company enters the beauty world.

Technology and functionality are the guidelines of a very innovative product, aimed at revolutionizing the hairdryer archetype and redefining the dexterity to improve experience continuously. It is, first of all, a very handy appliance, thanks to the shape but also to its digital Dyson V9 motor that weighs very little and allows attaining a perfect balancing of manoeuvrability and lightness since it is so light as to enter the hairdryer handle instead of the head. Supersonic is also fast and silent: a high-pressure jet at high speed – Air MultiplierTM patented technology- allows realizing a broad range of hairstyles.

Concerning the noise, the use of an axial fan inside the motor has allowed simplifying the air path, reducing its swirls and eddies. Besides, equipping the fan with 13 blades instead of 11 as usual, the motor silence has been further improved, bringing it to an acoustic frequency that goes beyond the interval human ear can hear.

While some conventional hairdryers can reach very high temperatures, Supersonic protects hair against heat damages, also during the so-called “brushing”, the practice consisting in laying the nozzle on the brush during the drying phase. The thermistor situated inside a glass bubble measures the temperature 20 times per second and transmits the data to the microprocessor that controls smartly the thermal element with double patented layer. Moreover, the Heat ShieldTM technology allows the accessories to remain cold to the touch, containing the hot air between two layers of cold air.

PROluxe is the line by Remington characterized by essential and ergonomic design and including, besides the standard hairdryer, also the straightener and two hair curlers, granting highly professional performances.

The real stronghold of the entire collection is the OPTI-Heat technology, which uses a smart thermal sensor that supplies heat where necessary, assuring a constant and targeted temperature.

The new narrow straightener PROluxe S9100 is equipped with Ultimate Glide ceramic coating, designed to be 5 times smoother than standard coatings. Remington has equipped the appliances with 5-times more durable and resistant plates than standard ones and assures optimal maintenance and lower wear in time caused by eventual scratches and the prolonged use of styling products. Finally, the high concentration of ceramic allows attaining a uniform temperature and better sliding of the straighteners, ideal characteristic for those who desire straight and luminous hair.

Designed to improve the heat distribution, the hairdryer AC PROluxe uses instead the Style Shot function that optimizes the air temperature addressing the flow only where it is necessary. The PROluxe Styling concentrator enhances the homogeneous heat dispersion, not sideways as it happens with standard concentrators, granting a better protection and preventing hair from the exposure to damages. A powerful but delicate hairdryer that allows choosing among 3 different temperatures and 2 speeds.

Epilator Aquaperfect Soft by Rowenta.

Rowenta has concentrated its know how to develop two new appliances for the hairstyle: the instantaneous hair curler So Curls and the hairdryer Expertise pro AC.

So Curls, thanks to a heated barrel, allows winding the strand to create perfect curls easily and in a short time. The three temperature setups make it suitable for all hair types, 4 curling times offer instead 12 different setups to attain always the desired result. An integrated timer controls the curling time and with a sound signal warns that the curl is ready.

The hairdryer Expertise pro AC, thanks to the combination of 2300 W of power, of an AC pro-grade motor and a set of ultra-thin accessories allows instead precision and saving in drying times. The 8 mm concentrator grants a naturally voluminous hairstyle, while the 4 mm concentrator offers a more structured drying.

Brush Satin Hair 7 Iontec by Braun.

Braun has worked smartly exploiting a thermal sensor, Thermo-Sensor, which measures the air temperature 600 times per minute and regulates it in optimal way, the result is SensoDryer. A professional AC ventilation system generates a powerful airflow that is transformed by the ultra-thin nozzles to grant a precise styling. At the same time, the IONTEC technology, purposely studied to protect the hair health, prevents the wetness loss. The air jet, in fact, releases millions of satin ions, negatively charged ions that adhere to the hair (that is positively charged), attracting the wetness particles from the air and addressing them where the hair more needs them, moisturizing them.

The new straightener Satin Hair 7 SensoCare uses instead a technology that analyses each tress 20 times per second to adjust the temperature according to the conditions of the hair fibre: thickness, length and wetness degree. Through the apposite icons on the display, SensoCare can communicate whether hair is too wet of if we are using the straightener too quickly, thus permitting to optimize the technique and to reach the best result all the times.

The active ion technology has been used also in the Braun Satin-Hair 7 brush, available in pocket format and wireless: by pressing a single pushbutton, it releases in the hair millions of active ions that eliminate the static electricity and the frizz effect. 


Female personal care

The production of small body care appliances for the female world has always scored notable figures in terms of both value and volume.

These appliances are aimed at improving the skin through two main actions: hair removal and peeling.

Domestic epilators are the best-selling appliances, a must for women because very comfortable, since they can be used when needed and because they operate in fast and effective manner. It is however worth specifying that hair removal and epilation are not synonyms: the hair removal consists in the hair removal from its point of emergence from the skin, the epilation means instead the elimination of the hair, including the bulb. Electric epilators are composed by a rotating spiral that, sliding on the skin, traps the hair pulling it towards the outside. They have adjustable speed and, in some cases, they are equipped with specific accessories to relieve the pain of the tearing.

To grant impeccable results and a perfectly smooth skin, Braun has recently renovated its technology concerning this issue. With Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa it has reached new excellence standards in the epilation field, matching it with an innovative sonic peeling brush.

The new Deep Exfoliation brush, in fact, thanks to the sonic exfoliating technology, grants over 3,000 micro-vibrations per minute, for a skin peeling that is up to six-time more effective than the manual treatment. It is equipped with a 40% larger head that covers a broader area, while the MicroGrip technology offers an equipment of more innovative tweezers: an optimized geometry improves performances, removing more hair in a single step with delicacy. The matching of these two characteristics allows a very fast epilation.

According to Rowenta, epilation is instead synonym of painless personal care.

The line of Aquaperfect Soft and Soft Extreme epilators uses a painless technology to reduce the most common troubles caused by the epilation, like irritation, burning and redness.

Aquaperfect Soft can be used under the shower and it is provided with Soft Sensation technology that reduces the pain, Soft Extreme instead, thanks to the Air Pulse system, immediately soothes the tearing ache through a fresh air blow.

Two products that stand out for the use of cutting-edge technologies: thanks to a micro-massage, Soft Sensation interferes with the pain, diminishing the epilation discomfort, the patented Micro-Contact technology grants the total contact with the skin, eliminating invisible hair, too. Moreover, it is equipped with two optional speeds we can choose, the Vision Light and the pivoting head for an easy and fast epilation.

Besides, the Spa model by Aquaperfect Soft shows an exclusive exfoliating brush and a hydromassage head that, thanks to its big sizes, becomes an indispensable accessory to relax legs, also underwater, with a 360° rotation.

Remington aims instead at granting a luminous and soft skin through a deep body peeling by means of a brush, REVEAL BB1000.

Devised by aesthetic medicine experts, the brush makes use of two interchangeable heads, each of them conceived for a specific use and to grant effective benefits to all body zones.

The head rotation removes impurities, dead skin cells and stimulates the microcirculation, besides it is possible to select two different speeds that allow customizing the intensity according to the desired area.

Thanks to the Wet&Dry technology, the brush can be used both under the shower and in the bathtub.


Specific for man

Shaver Capture Cut by Remington

Delicacy on the skin and shaving accuracy: these are the features always expected from shavers, besides, obviously, a shape design allowing their perfect handiness.

Recently, however, they have gone far beyond, analysing thoroughly the possibility of customizing shaving according to the beard characteristics and consequently developing smart technologies able to interpret every user’s requirements. Today razors are a concentrate of precision engineering applied to the body care and research is looking at new frontiers.

The design of the razor Series 9 by Braun encompasses a set of revolutionary characteristics that grant performance efficiency and delicacy on the skin.

Five shaving components, including the new trimmer HyperLift & Cut with gold blade and coated with Titanium Nitride (TiN), coordinated by the SyncroSonic technology, provide a very user-friendly and tailor-made shaving. Manufactured with state-of-the-art technological systems, the razor suits the shaving to the face characteristics while SyncroSonic calculates the beard density during the use and automatically adjusts the shaving 160 times per minute. OptiFoil™ blades, with micro-regulations, cut the air close to the base as much as possible. All operates in perfect harmony with the central cutting elements, they proceed with precision drastically reducing the risk of abrasion of the most superficial skin layers. The head is driven by the powerful Linear Drive motor and with 10,000 sonic micro-vibrations it accomplishes 40,000 transversal movements per minute.

The razor is also characterized by the knurled handle, which provides excellent gripping and a perfect control and for the equipment of a base, Clean & Charge, a forefront system that cleans, sanitizes, recharges and lubricates the shaver with a simple pushbutton touch.

Four the new models of haircutters presented by Remington and provided with forefront geometry blades for the utmost cutting coverage. The PrecisionCut line uses in fact the AcuAngle blades for millimetre cuts, the punctual regulation of combs has been studied to facilitate the cut length setup without accidental changes.

All four models allow selecting up to 23 cut lengths (from 1 to 44 mm). Titanium Plus and Titanium Ultra models, besides the advanced titanium blades, make use of the Auto Turbo Boost function, indispensable to obtain some extra power by clicking a simple button. Both hair cutters are equipped with lithium battery, for a maximum total autonomy of 90 minute and bright LED indicators that allow checking the residual charge.

Forefront technology, detail accuracy and design elegance characterize instead the range of electric shavers Capture Cut, which exploits the new blade with Lift Logic Technology, designed to follow comfortably the most marked contours and to slide on the skin smoothly, without causing irritations. Moreover, they are provided with Hybrid Intercept trimmer that, in a single pass, redefines the longest hair and captures the most adverse ones, which grow in different directions, reaching also the harshest points like neck, chin and jaw. Elegant and ergonomic and completely watertight, since they can be used also under the shower in full safety.

Rowenta is very active in the male world, too. Starting from the 3 brand-new multigroomers of the Trim&Style line, ideal for the care of beard, body, hair and face, to be used also under the shower thanks to the Wet&Dry technology. The choice of coating the mobile blade with titanium, a material 3-time harder than stainless steel, allows protecting the sharpening and increases its hardness. The high-speed motor assures a perfect cut in a single step.

Wet&Dry Precision is a hair cutter equipped also with combs for the beard care and specifically conceived to take care of one’s own style also under the shower. Two adjustable high-precision combs allow customizing the look with 15 different cutting lengths, precision titanium blades while a high-power motor (6500 rpm) grants a comfortable cut in a single pass.



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