Gifam: trend of major domestic appliances in France


The figures published in February by the GIFAM association relating to the trend of major domestic appliances in France in 2013 show that the refrigerators segment saw a slight decrease in sales (-1%), from 2,535,000 units sold in 2012 to 2,509,000 last year. As number of appliances, the combined refrigerators were 39.5% of the total, the double door refrigerators were 23.8% and the 1-door refrigerators were 20.2%. Lower percentages regard table top models (10 %) and side- by-side (6.6%). Freezers have reported sales of 673,000 units, down 2.4% from 690,000 freezers sold in 2012. Upright freezers account for 66% of the total, while the horizontal models 34%. As for the washing compartment, in 2013 2,546,000 washing machines were sold in France, 1,5% less than the units sold in the previous year (2,585,000). The front loading models are the majority (62%), followed by the top loaders (32% ) and the washer-dryers (6%). The number of dishwashers sold has also decreased: from 1,470,000 units in 2012 to 1,440,000 in 2013 (-2 %). The freestanding models are 58% of the total, the remaining 42% is made ​​up of the built-in dishwashers. The trend of the dryers has not experienced big variations: 696,000 units were sold in 2013, 0.1% more than the 695,000 in 2012. As regards, finally, the cooking sector, the kitchens have seen a sharp decline (-7.3% ), going from 615,000 units sold in 2012 to 570,000 in 2013. Regarding the product segmentation, gas cookers constitute 36%, followed by electrical cookers (34%), mixed cookers (28%) and other types of cookers (2%). The decline of the hoods was more moderate: sales were down from 1,030,000 units ( 2012) to 1,006,000 (2013), with a decrease of -2.3%. The sales of hobs remained stable, stopped at 1,540,000 units as in 2012. The induction hobs accounted for 48%, the enameled /stainless steel hobs 23%, the ceramic hobs 19% and the glass hobs 10%. Sales of ovens have grown by 0.5% (1,035,000 units in 2013 against 1,030,000 in 2012) and sales of microwave ovens increased by 1% (2,293,000 units in 2013 against 2,270,000 in 2012).


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