32 bit PIC32MX microcontroller

The new family of PIC32MX3/4 (MCU) microcontrollers by Microchip can have different configurations: 64/16 KB, 256/64 KB and 512/128 KB Flash/Ram, and can be coupled with complete software and tool Microchip intended for engineers of connectivity, graphics, digital audio and embedded general-purpose control. The MCUs are an extension of the PIC32MX3/4 series of high-performance 32 bit microcontrollers. They offer greater options of RAM memory and a higher integration of lower-cost peripherals. PIC32MX3/4 stand out for ADC 28×10-bit and 5 UARTS, 105 DMIPS performances, serial peripherals, graphic display, capacitive touch, support for digital audio and connectivity. This new family of PIC32MX3/4 and of Microchip complete solutions allows the engineers of applications of household appliance, consumer, medical and industrial sectors to add high-quality functions, low-cost audio, capacitive touch and graphic display, besides USB, with faster development and at lower costs and reduced risks.

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