RS Components (RS), commercial brand of Electrocomponents plc has announced that it has introduced into its catalogue 7 new MOSFET DrMOS signed by Fairchild Semiconductor, world supplier in the production of semiconductors for power and mobile products. The devices can manage high currents in a ultra-compact container that allows high mounting density on PCB, higher than competitors’ products. The DrMOS family is the new generation of ultra-compact power Mosfet drivers for high-voltage and high-frequency applications in synchronous d.c.- d.c. bucks. The FDMF6820C model, for instance, integrates an IC driver, two power MOSFET and a Schottky diode of bootstrap in a PQFN package that measures 6×6 mm only, thermally optimized.
The 7 new devices, which include FDMF6820A/B/C, FDMF6823A/B/C and FDMF6833C, incorporate the PowerTrench™ MOSFET technology, patented by Fairchild, which allows a clean switching and minimal ripple, thus significantly reducing the needs of components of external snubbers in most applications.

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